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Best Electric Humidors Online Raching Mon3800B vs MON5800A

Best Electric Humidors Online Raching Mon3800B vs MON5800A

Discover Excellence in Cigar Storage: Raching Humidor’s MON3800B and MON5800A

When it comes to preserving and aging cigars, Raching Humidor stands at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Known for their advanced technology and luxurious designs, Raching humidors are the epitome of high-quality cigar storage solutions. Today, we spotlight two of their flagship models:

Raching Precise Smart Cigar Humidor Cabinet MON5800A and the Raching Precise Smart Cigar Humidor Cabinet MON3800B. Both are designed to cater to the discerning needs of cigar enthusiasts, each offering unique features that ensure optimal cigar preservation and aging.

Raching MON5800A: The Ultimate Large Capacity Cigar Humidor

The Raching MON5800A is a marvel of modern cigar storage, tailored for those with extensive collections. Here’s why it stands out:

Extraordinary Capacity

Boasting an impressive capacity to store 3,000 to 4,000 cigars, the MON5800A is ideal for serious collectors. With 580 liters of space, it ensures ample room for even the most expansive collections, accommodating various sizes and types of cigars.

Enhanced Aging

Equipped with four Spanish cedar wood boxes, the MON5800A provides the perfect environment for aging cigars. Spanish cedar is renowned for its ability to regulate humidity and impart a pleasant aroma, which enhances the aging process.

Innovative Features

The MON5800A is packed with advanced features:

  • Visualized Water Filling: A unique visualization feature for water filling simplifies maintenance, ensuring you never overlook refilling the humidification system.
  • Ammonia Removal: Keeps your cigars’ environment pristine by efficiently removing ammonia, a byproduct of cigar aging that can affect flavor.
  • Living Water Humidification: Ensures consistent and ideal humidity levels with a living water system, crucial for maintaining cigar quality.

Precision Control

The humidor employs PID precision and intelligent frequency conversion, providing exact climate control. This precision ensures your cigars are stored at the optimal conditions of 60.8-71.6°F and 60-75% humidity, maintaining their flavor and integrity.

Dehumidification Solution

The MON5800A’s submarine-type water cooling system effectively tackles dehumidification issues, maintaining ideal conditions for cigar preservation.

Dedicated Aging Space

An independent resting area allows cigars to mature undisturbed, resulting in a more refined aging process and superior flavor development.

Raching MON3800B: Superior Dual Climate Control for Meticulous Care

The Raching MON3800B is engineered for those who demand exacting standards in cigar storage. With advanced features and a slightly smaller footprint, it caters to enthusiasts who value dual climate control and dedicated storage spaces.

Dual Climate Control

A standout feature of the MON3800B is its dual temperature and humidity control. This allows for precise management of storage conditions, ensuring your cigars remain in perfect shape regardless of their age or type.

Separate Storage

The MON3800B offers two separate storage rooms, designed to cater individually to new and aged cigars. This segregation allows each type to age in its ideal environment, preserving their unique qualities.

Efficient Humidity Management

With dual water tanks, the MON3800B efficiently manages humidity levels, providing consistent care for your cigars across both compartments. This ensures that each cigar, whether new or aged, receives the optimal level of humidity.

Ammonia Removal and Living Water Humidification

Like its larger counterpart, the MON3800B features ammonia removal and living water humidification. These technologies maintain a clean and consistent environment, crucial for the long-term quality of your cigars.

Precision and Dehumidification

Utilizing PID precision and intelligent frequency conversion, the MON3800B offers exact control over storage conditions. Additionally, its submarine-type water cooling system eliminates dehumidification issues, safeguarding your cigars’ integrity.

Independent Resting Area

The humidor includes an independent resting area, providing a dedicated space for your cigars to mature gracefully, enhancing their flavor profile over time.

Comparison: Raching MON5800A vs. MON3800B

Feature Raching MON5800A Raching MON3800B
Capacity 3000-4000 cigars 1500-1700 cigars
Volume 580L 380L
Dimensions 27.16" (W) x 27.56" (D) x 72.83" (H) 23.62" (W) x 24" (D) x 71.65" (H)
Climate Control Single temperature and humidity range Dual temperature and humidity control
Separate Storage No Yes
Water Management Visualized water filling, living water humidification Dual water tanks, living water humidification
Dehumidification Submarine-type water cooling system Submarine-type water cooling system
Ammonia Removal Yes Yes
Resting Area Independent resting area Independent resting area
Weight 288 lbs 231.5 lbs

Choosing Your Ideal Raching Humidor

  • MON5800A is perfect for collectors with large inventories who seek a robust, high-capacity storage solution with advanced features to manage and age a vast array of cigars.
  • MON3800B caters to those who need precise control over distinct storage conditions for new and aged cigars, with a focus on meticulous care through dual climate control and separate storage compartments.

Both models exemplify Raching Humidor’s commitment to quality and innovation, offering unmatched solutions for cigar enthusiasts who value excellence in storage and aging. Whether you need the monumental capacity of the MON5800A or the meticulous dual control of the MON3800B, Raching ensures your cigars are preserved and aged to perfection.

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