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Primo Ager Dry Age Fridge PAG 400

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Primo Ager is specifically designed and engineered to have every feature work together for the ultimate dry-aging experience at home. Enjoy the full experience with your smartphone. Every single aspect and detail is refined to ensure the highest quality dry aged meat and safest process. This is the Primo Ager System. 

Smart Features Connect with Google Home & Alexa.

Download the APP for iOS Here 

Download the APP for Android Here

Mechanical Features

High Precision Temperature Regulator
A powerful, high precision temperature regulator prevents temperature fluctuations and ensures your meat stays at a safe and optimal temperature throughout its entire aging

Smart Integrated Humidity Control (no external water required)
Primo Ager’s smart integrated humidity control is fully automated and ensures proper drying occurs without the growth of unwanted bacteria or mold. Unlike other systems, no external water supply is needed — making setup a breeze.

Commercial-Grade Air Jet Booster & Compressor
Primo Ager uses a high-powered air flow system meant for full, professional, large-scale operations. A commercial-grade real force, evaporator-type fan keeps air circulating at a healthy rate throughout the entire dry-aging process.

The large-capacity compressor, jet booster, and condenser work together to ensure all the meat in Primo Ager always gets the proper air flow and oxygen exposure.

UV-C Sterilization with Carbon Air Filter
Primo Ager integrates a UV-C light to kill any bacteria and mold that might be floating around inside. The light sterilizes everything and purifies the air that circulates through the system, so your meat stays safe and unspoiled.

Unlike low-quality DIY systems, our UV-C light is not actually visible to the user. We did this to maintain professional dry-aging standards and conduct. UV-C light can be harmful to humans if exposed directly and can also disrupt the dry-aging process.

The UV-C light in Primo Ager is located in the internals where the air gets compressed, funnelled, and recirculated. From here, the light can completely sterilize the full air supply in Primo Ager without affecting the aging process or potentially harming you.

Industry Standard Insulated Door and Body
Primo Ager’s industrial standard insulated door seals your meat for maximum control over temperature, humidity and air quality. The door keeps the circulating air contained and regulated. It also prevents external contaminants from entering. This ensures efficient energy usage and effective quality regulation.

Maximized Storage Capacity
Primo Ager boasts the largest dry-aging fridge capacity for its size. With only 3 feet of floor space, Primo Ager can store up to 100 lbs (45kg) of meat at a time, without compromising surface exposure.

  • Freestyle Stainless Steel Shelving: Store up to 66 lbs (30 kg)
  • Hunter’s Hanger Rod: Store up to 88 lbs (40 kg)
  • Proprietary Partition Rack: Store up to 100 lbs (45 kg)
  •  H 43.3" (110 cm) x W 21.2" (54 cm) x D 23.6" (60 cm)  209 Ibs (95 kg)

Smart Features

24/7 Real-Time Monitoring & Self-Regulating System

Primo Ager’s smart self-regulating system measures and monitors the temperature, humidity, and airflow in real-time as well as how much meat is stored at any given moment. It will then automatically adjust as needed to optimize your aging process for the highest-quality meat, safest environment.

LED Notification Touch Panel

An external EZ-touch LED notification control panel allows you to check the air quality, temperature and humidity inside Primo Ager without opening it. Through the intuitive touch interface, you can fine tune details and specifications as needed to ensure your meat is aged how you want it.

More Than Just Meat

Primo Ager’s high quality regulatory system isn’t just great for dry-aging meat. It creates perfect environments to store and age all your favorite cheeses and wines.

Presets for each category are pre-programmed in Primo Ager, so you can switch settings instantly from the front door panel or the app whenever you want. If you want more control, you can tweak the temperature and humidity as needed.

Bring out the flavor of your cheese. Increase the value and richness of your wine overtime. With Primo Ager, you can safely and easily age meat, cheese and wine in a fully automated system. Get 4-in-1 versatility and premium quality all from a single, powerful, easy-to-use device.


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